A child in His name
hat means helping a child not only in its social and material needs, but to also give him hope for eternal life. Not longer to be an abandoned child but to become a most wanted one in an adoptive family and a child of God.

Abandoned and alone
'I only knew my mother a short time. Somehow she couldn't manage with me. She just left me when I was one year old. Why? I only cried when I was hungry or when they beat me because they were drunk.'
This is one of the many backgrounds with which children come to us.


Loved and cherished
This is their experience when they are adopted by a family. They can start a new life in safety and security in their family. Something that they have not known up till this point but where they can now belong. What a wonderful blessing!


Please support us as we take in children in His Name.


This future we want for all abandoned children.