Other Projects    

Sportsroom – Storeroom –Hall for Fleamarkets
The sports room is directly under the mother-child centre.
It provides room for table tennis and as a place where our kids can let off steam on thick matrasses. They can play ball games and other games etc.

As well as this it is a storage room for food and relief supplies. A room where we can hold our fleamarkets, so that these supplies can reach needy people.

Mother-child centre
We take in desperate mothers with their children and give them a helping hand in their difficult situations. Many mothers are left alone with their problems, fears and needs, often without a roof or income. There is a great risk that they will abandon their children from desperation. To prevent this happening and to help them in their need we decided to build a mother-child centre with God's help.
Sports Field
They play football, have races and ball games etc on the sports field. The young people from the village come every evening from Spring to Autumn to play football, volleyball and tennis and are very enthusiastic that they are allowed to use the field. For them it is a great meeting point where they can play and chat and just enjoy each other's company. We are so glad to be a blessing in this way for the whole village.
Transporting and Distributing Supplies
Clothes and goods are taken to many places round about! Many times a year we can distribute clothes and other goods to people in need, especially to families with a lot of children or those where a mother is alone with the children because the father has died.
Distributing Christmas Parcels
This introduces a little light into the dark daily lives, brings hope and shows people that they are not forgotten.